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How does the procedure of gaining membership in REGIOS work?

Legal basis

The REGIOS Association operates in accordance to the Law of Associations Act (ustawa Prawo o Stowarzyszeniach (Dz. U. 1989 Nr 20 poz. 104)).

The basic membership condition is to accept the Assiociation’s Statute, referenced below.

1. Fill in the form

Fill in and send us the form, and a representative of our Association will contact you to agree on the form and extent of the cooperation.

Why is the extent and form of cooperation so important?

The experiences we had in the NGO sector so far have taught us that cooperation gives the best results when we do what we want to do. A conversation has the purpose of establishing where you can help us best and which of our projects may suit you the most. And maybe you have your own idea which we could realise together? – We will gladly discuss it.

What if I have no experience in the NGO sector?

Do not worry, we are open and we will show you how to act professionally from the start to the very end. We have a lot of our own experiences, but also contacts with local, regional, nationwide and European organisations which we share knowledge with. The most important thing is to have the will and readiness to work together.

What are the criteria of admission to the Association?

A common misconception is that the regional organisations in Silesia look on the matters of one’s origin, or past, when admitting new members. We don’t ask where you are from or what social group you associate yourself with. What we do ask is do you care about the wellbeing of Silesia and its citizens, and do you want to make the dream of an innovative, friendly, open, and European region a reality.

2. Become a Supporting Member

After the conversation with REGIOS’s representative, you will be given a membership declaration to fill out, which will then go through the formal process of granting membership by the Association’s Board.

What are the rights and duties of a Supporting Member?
Supporting Member’s Rights

A Supporting Member has the right to:

  • Be a part of meetings, conferences, seminaries etc. organised by the Association’s authorities,
  • Giving opinions, applications and proposals to the Association’s authorities,
  • Using the Association’s devices, help, and services when realising its statutory goals.
Supporting Member’s Duties

A Supportive Member of the Association is obliged to:

  • Actively participate in realisation of the Association’s goals,
  • Respecting the statute, rules, and internal laws passed by the Association’s authorities,
  • Regularly pay their membership fees and other fees that apply to them in the Association. (The amount of membership fees is declared by the member in their membership declaration, and for Supportive Members the minimal monthly amount declareable is 0zł (0 PLN))

You can read more about the rights and duties in our statute, referenced below:

How exactly does this process look like?

According to the Association’s Statute:
Regular and Supportive Membership in the Association is gained by one’s application being accepted by the Association’s Board with a regular majority of votes by a resolution, based on a written declaration, after asking for the opinion of the General Assembly of the Association’s Members.

3. Join one of our Teams or projects

We know that no one can be good at everything. We have also seen enough of “spontaneous” working. That’s why in REGIOS we divide ourselves in smaller, flexible and well organised Teams focusing on particular branches of work or individual projects. This way, everyone does only what they want to do, and we participate in projects that we find interesting ourselves.

What projects are you realising?

It’s best to ask a REGIOS representative about current projects. Informations about realised projects are published on our Facebook and in the News tab on our website.

4. Shape the future of Silesia with us

Done. Time to work together for our region.

If later on you decide that our Association meets your expectations, you’ll have the possibility of applying for a Regular Membership.

You still have some questions or doubts?