6×5 Ayes for Silesia!

When diagnoses and solutions become the vision!
Here are our 30 proposals for Silesia!


AYE! for Silesia in federalising, democratic European Union

AYE! for adding Polish EU membership to the constitution

AYE! for Common Foreign and Security Policy

AYE! for strong regions in the European Union

AYE! for a big, united, cross-border Silesia euroregion


AYE! for growing independence of the local governments in the sectors of regional development, innovation, education, culture, and allocation of European Union funds

AYE! for local governments’ representation in the Parliament

AYE! for tax decentralisation

AYE! for enlargened financial independence of the local governments

AYE! for bigger financial support for small cities and villages


AYE! for increasing the Senate’s competences in terms of the judiciary and foreign policy

AYE! for getting rid of the parliamentary immunity

AYE! for lowering the electoral treshold in the elections to the Sejm, the voivodeships, powiats (counties) and gminas (municipalities)’ parliaments and councils, whilst also introducing the Single Transferable Vote system

AYE! for integrating voivodeship parliaments and powiats’ councils in the process of appointing judges and prosecutors

AYE! for strengthening the role of the Ombudsman and introducing absolutely binding referendum results


AYE! for a thorough reform and decentralisation of the education system, with special focus on individual approach to teaching and the student-teacher relation based on the Finnish system

AYE! for higher education reform with an introduction of private capital to universities

AYE! for reinforcing and supporting Silesian universities, technology transfer centres and start-ups

AYE! for making the job market more elastic, and at the same time increasing the workers’ mobility, based on the Danish flexicurity model

AYE! for the system of academic and professional exchange between Silesian universities or enterprises and the leading foreign establishments


AYE! for a e-civil society in the e-region, which should be based on the Estonian e-state model

AYE! for a computer per student, and teaching informatics from pre-school all the way to high school, with a compulsory informatics matura exam

AYE! for e-learning, remote classes 2 days per week, e-exams, and e-consultations with teachers

AYE! for a possibility of handling all official matters in an e-office – from changing your ID card, to a civil marriage, and even e-voting in elections and referendums

AYE! for free antivirus software for all citizens, strengthening and expanding the cyberpolice and stricter cyber-safety regulations


AYE! for recognising Silesians as an ethnic minority, and the ślōnskŏ gŏdka alongside wymysiöeryś as regional languages

AYE! for linguistic rights of the German minority and development of the bilingual Polish-German education

AYE! for a smart and open migration policy alongside an integrative multiculturalism model

AYE! for Silesian studies as a part of Slavic or Germanic philologies on Silesian universities

AYE! for regional education in schools